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Give Your Wooden Fence the Protection That It Needs

Common Indicators That You Need a Fence RepairĀ 


Most homeowners ignore their wooden fence. They often forget that it also needs their attention sometimes. As a homeowner, always take care of your fence. Because it’s one of the essential parts of your property that is protecting you from the outside world. It means that it’s facing different battles every day, from strong winds to heavy rains and other harmful elements. With that, you can have an idea that they need some special attention. Besides, here are three common indicators that you need a fence repair:



What are the reasons for the leaning fence? Heavy rain, strong winds, and shifting ground can cause your fence to lean to one side and it can lose its strength. So, if you observe that your wooden fence is slowly leaning to one section, you should call the pros to fix it as soon as possible. Pros can determine if you need a repair or replacement. So, be aware of this issue.



One of the indicators that you need a fence repair is a rotten board. So, if you notice rot in areas that are closest to the ground, it means that you need to call a reliable fencing contractor as soon as possible. Pros will fix it for you right away and provide you with some tips on how can you avoid this issue. Sometimes, they will require you to invest in regular maintenance and apply some preservatives. So, take their advice.


Loose or Missing Fasteners

Over time, nails and screws may loose or fall out of your fence. Even though it can be replaced, the wood fence may not be able to withstand a new nail or screw. That’s why if you think that your fence has grown unsteady because of missing or loose fasteners, it will be useless to replace them all. It’s because the structure of your fence has been compromised. Aside from that, it’s not easy to regain its structure by only replacing the fasteners in the deteriorating wood.


If you encounter any of these problems, don’t wait for how many days before you repair it. Call professionals like Eagle Fencing & Iron Works as soon as possible for an immediate and efficient fencing repair. Our professional contractors in Shreveport, LA will be happy to assist you anytime. Feel free to give us a call at (318) 560-7607 for impeccable fencing services!

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