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Before you hire an expert to repair your damaged fence, make sure you know what type of fencing you have. If you have a chain-mesh fence, you must hire a fence repair contractor who has the knowledge and skills to do the job right. Without a clear understanding of your fencing type, you might not receive the results you want. Below are the best questions you should always ask a fencing contractor before hiring them!

What type of fencing do you usually work on?

One thing you should ask is if they’ve repaired the same type of fencing before. If they haven’t, then they may not have the experience or equipment to handle your fencing needs. If you’re hiring a fence repair contractor, make sure they’re familiar with the type of fencing you have because it can affect their ability to repair it properly and efficiently. If you’re not sure, ask them what type of fencing they’re used to working with!

Do you have any experience installing this type of fence?

One thing you should ask is if the fence contractor has any experience installing your type of fence. If they don’t even have the experience, then you have to be extra careful. Make sure to inquire about their fencing experience with the type of fencing you have. If they don’t have any experience installing that type of fencing, then you have to be extra careful! You can always ask them for references from their previous customers. Find out if their references are satisfied with the services they’ve received. If they’re not satisfied with their experience, then you should look for a different fencing contractor!

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