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The Importance Of A Wood Fence Repair and Maintenance

Wooden fences are highly admired for their curb appeal and natural durability. However, like any fence, it does require maintenance and repairs to remain in good shape. Wooden fence maintenance and repairs important due to the susceptibility of mold, rot, and splintering.

A well-maintained fence is a fence that lasts. If you’re not so sure what steps to take to ensure proper maintenance, here are tips for a wood fence repair and maintenance so you can keep your fence looking new:

Regular Cleaning

Regular cleaning is the first tip for proper wooden fence maintenance, that’s easily done using a pressure washer. Making sure the wooden fence is regularly cleaned helps fight against rot and other issues caused by debris on the fence. Besides helping protect your fence, it also keeps your wood fence looking new.

Needed Repairs

Notice any cracks or splits along your fence? Need any wood replaced or anything sealed? Wooden fence maintenance includes staying on top of repairs as it’s needed. Any time there are cracks or other blemishes in a wooden fence, it allows moisture to soak into the wood, which can cause mold, mildew, and rot. Assure repairs to your wooden fence are completed timely to ensure its longevity.

Staining + Sealant

While staining and water sealant isn’t required, it’s a very important wooden fence maintenance tip that shouldn’t be overlooked. Water sealants protect your wood fence from moisture that provides an excellent barrier against wooden fence deterioration. Staining maintains the fence’s nice clean look that fights against signs of aging.

Following all of these tips can help your fence look new for years to keep, remaining just as durable as the day it was installed. It’s no wonder these fences are such a popular option, as wooden fence maintenance and repair is easy with lasting results.

If you need a timely wood fence repair in Shreveport, LA, get in touch with the professionals at Eagle Fencing & Iron Works. For more information about our company and other fence services, feel free to contact us at (318) 560-7607 today!

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